Social Injustice Can Help You Bond With Your Child

Most young adults have a keen sense of justice. During the adolescent years it’s as if they are just waking from a long sleep to realize the world is not a fair place. The words, “that’s not fair” can be heard from some adolescents’ daily. To their credit, they speak these words when they witness unfairness in any situation, not just those that affect them.

As parents, we try to speak logically and rationally about how life is not always fair. We explain that we too felt outrage and anger over unfair situations when we were young. We point out that as we mature we learn to accept what can’t be changed.

Sometimes these youth are so touched by situations that they refuse to “buy in” to the adult acceptance of life’s injustices. Instead these young people find the means and support to alter and improve circumstances.

Throughout history the naivety of the young has often created solutions to social issues that adults were too hardened, busy or callous to embrace. Think about this the next time your child brings up an unfair social situation.

Make time to talk with your adolescent or teen about social issues. Discuss appropriate items that are making headlines in the news. Get your child’s perspective and opinions on these issues.

Firstly, it is rewarding as a parent to hear the views of your children as they mature into young adults. Many parents feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment as they learn more about the views of their children.

Secondly, you may just stumble on a cause or project that you and your child can embark on together. You never know when the naivety of the youth and the resources of the mature may create a ripple that is felt across the community, state, country or world.

To view how some inspiring young adults made a positive impact on injustice watch this video at the link below.

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