Sticky: Children Who Feel A Sense of Purpose Are Happier


Children who are engaged are happier

Dear Parents,

A happy child is the unspoken creed for successful parenting. Yet, many times parents feel helpless when they see their children experience sadness, apathy or low self-esteem. If you want to improve the well being of your children you are not alone.

Over 20 years experience in education has lead me to an understanding of what attributes are necessary for children to succeed. To embrace the world with excitement and joy children need to feel a sense of purpose.

Unlike adults who can actively seek situations where we can connect with others and garner a sense of purpose, children must have most of their needs met within the family and school settings. The elements needed to raise happy well-connected children are attainable for every parent. Most require little time, but offer great returns on building a foundation for your children to be happy and engaged in life.

This site shares insights, advice and guidence for parents. By implementing some of the suggestions offered here, parents can help their children feel a heightened sense of happiness,  belonging and success. Sign up to receive updates on new post and learn simple ways to improve the life of your children.

Happy Parenting!


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